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Towards the start of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Isabelle will task the player character with getting a three-star island rating. This involves beautifying the ground, building bridges and slopes, and inviting new villagers to the island. But are there ways to create an unattractive island in New Horizons without lowering its star rating? Fortunately, the answer is yes. There are many things that can contribute to an ugly island in animal crossing – use unwanted furniture, leave sticks around, fill it with pitfalls. But one of the easiest and most visible ways is to fill it with unwanted and annoying villagers.


Each villager has one of nine possible personalities in New Horizons sex-related, ranging from lazy to peppy. Villagers of the same type draw from the same possible conversations, which means an ideal village would have lots of different types to mix up the dialogue options. People looking to invest a lot of time into the game will want to make sure to include all sorts of personalities, as interacting with villagers daily gives players rewards and Nook Miles for their troubles.

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Variety is the spice of life, and so if a player were to fill his entire New Horizons island with only one type of villager, it would become creaky very quickly. Some may do well on their own, but often the fact that everyone talks the same way will make the island seem like a suburban nightmare. In contrast with the animal crossing villagers with the most interesting personalities, here are some of the worst villager personality types to coagulate in a village, as well as the worst offenders to combine.

Jock villagers like Moose in Animal Crossing don’t work well together

ACNH Drift, Coach and Goose

Of course, on top for the worst animal crossing combinations is an island full of Jock-type villagers. These characters have earned a reputation for only talking about fitness and not doing fitness themselves. Being inundated with muscle talk not only wears players down quickly, it’s also a bit intrusive and weird. It’s a weirdly specific interest in a world full of grumpy, high-energy alternatives, with villagers specifically calling out their glutes and biceps.

Many players consider Moose, Louie and Coach among the worst offenders for being pushy and hard on the eyes. Gathering all of these villagers into a town means that they will often only talk about self-improvement. Except New Horizons with the villagers berating the players for their absence, many personality types get along well with the player character and other members of the community. However, athletes in particular don’t often seem to talk about others without mentioning themselves. Whether it’s working out or running around town, bringing these villagers together in a animal crossing the island is a recipe for disaster.

Pairing grumpy villagers like Gaston and Limberg can ruin an Animal Crossing island

Limberg brags in Animal Crossing

A Cranky-type villager like Apollo can add a much-needed amount of zest to daily interactions, but having too much on an island and it will start to get boring. These characters will often talk about being disconnected and complain about various events and objects around the island, making them fun in small doses but buzzkill on a large scale. While these hilarious characters don’t understand the rest of the cast, they can isolate themselves in their completely renovated starter homes from New Horizons‘ DLC.

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On top of that, inserting several grumpy villagers into a New Horizons village like the decried Monty or Limberg doesn’t make much sense. This doesn’t mean that every villager is offline – wouldn’t that make them all in touch with each other? Either way, given their otherwise isolated nature, it can be difficult to converse with all of these characters and have them form relationships during the game. In large quantities, it can start to seem like every animal crossing the villagers hate each other.

Arrogant characters like Queenie and Opal can make ACNH islands worse

Snooty-type villagers are very similar to Cranky’s in that they are somewhat self-centered, but tend to focus on gossip and fashion rather than missing trends. They are not very sociable with other villagers but have a unique dialogue that gives them an advantage over others animal crossing types of villagers. When paired with each other, players end up with an empty community that constantly talks to each other. With the other worst villagers in the animal crossing 2.0, pretentious villagers are a type to watch out for.

Strangely, a lot of the smug villagers open up to the player character when they get to know them, but it doesn’t help that they still have an attitude and are mostly focused on gossiping and bashing others. Sometimes it’s nice to have a conversation with someone who compliments and compliments the player character. However, with characters like Elise, Violet, and Maelle working on their own fashion and bragging about themselves, it would be easy to feel isolated and friendless if a village was full of them.

Animal Crossing’s Least Popular Characters Don’t Mix

While looks and popularity shouldn’t be the only determining factor in an island’s aesthetic, it doesn’t help when everyone on an island is a deadbeat villager who animal crossing players must kick off. Many players dislike ostrich families for their ragged hair and lanky necks, while others point to mice as the offenders for their skinny faces and small bodies. It’s not just looks, in combination with an unappreciated personality, characters like Candy, Curly, Rizzo and Cesar have become some of the least appreciated.

For finalists, getting an island full of bad mixes is always difficult. Finding unloved villagers is as likely as finding admired villagers, so whatever type of island one wants, it will take a lot of Nook Miles Tickets to find each character. Those who don’t want these same villagers can also take comfort in knowing that it won’t come naturally without a lot of effort.

It’s fine and actually beneficial to have a few of each of these types of villagers in a town together, especially when there are a lot of added villagers in animal crossing‘s DLC. Using guides, wikis, and dialogue hints, it’s easy to find a nice spread of friends with different personalities that will fit together well. Make the most of Animal Crossing: New HorizonsInteractions with villagers require mixing and matching to find the perfect unique combination that suits someone’s island. Welcoming villagers from all walks of life and seeing what they say while fishing, cooking, or walking around with friends will give players hours of fun without even needing to spend bells or decorate.

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