Island Resort & Casino expansion project completes third phase


HARRIS, Mich. (WLUC) — After more than a year, a $33 million expansion project at the Palm Tower at the Island Resort & Casino is nearing completion.

From January to July, the second phase involved the construction of 128 new rooms, bringing the total to 341 rooms in this tower. For the rest of the year, it was phase three.

“Phase three was the finishing touches,” said general manager Tony Mancilla. “Put wallpaper, parquet, ceilings on the walls. We’re just putting furniture in the last hotel rooms. It’s called drilling the part, which means we have to look at it and make sure everything works.

On the 12th floor, there is Horizons Steakhouse, where you can enjoy fine dining.

“It can accommodate 200 people,” Mancilla said. “This is our upscale dining room. Steak, fish, chicken, that sort of thing.

In addition to the new restaurant and three elevators for customers, there is also Splash Island. It’s a pool with water park features that Mancilla says is perfect for the whole family.

“We have a lot of families with children who come over the weekend, especially in the winter,” he explained. “They are trying to get out of the house. They want to do something different. They usually have to drive all the way to Green Bay or further, so we’re here in UP where we can serve those people.

The project is on schedule and will finish under budget. Mancilla invites future guests to see the final results.

“It’s an impressive addition,” he said. “It’s brand new, and we have something for everyone now.”

Splash Island and floors 7-11 are currently open. The rest of the extension should be used on New Year’s Eve.

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