Meet the young couple chosen as the last guardians of Great Blasket Island


Persistence has well and truly paid off for the young couple, Brock Montgomery and his partner Claire de Haas, who were named this week as the new guardians of Great Blasket Island, a role that has grown in recent years. one of the largest in the world. coveted positions, this despite the fact that the iconic island has no running water or electricity

rock (29) is a former Canadian professional ice hockey player who now runs and owns clothing brand Mountain Life Apparel and it was his and Claire’s determination over the past two years that ultimately won them the role.

They had applied unsuccessfully three times before, but it was the lucky fourth time this time around for the pair.

Alice Hayes and her husband Billy O’Connor – who own three cottages and a cafe on the island – are tasked with finding sitters each year and although this process usually involves sifting through thousands upon thousands of applications, this year was a little different as Alice explained to The Kerryman tuesday.

“They, [Brock and Claire] actually applied, I think it was two years ago now and they have stayed in touch with us over the past few years, letting us know that they are still very enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the position. Even over the seasons that had just passed, they still sent us a message letting us know they were in,” she said.

“It just made it a bit easier for us knowing that they were free and still interested. We had a few FaceTimes with them, just to really explain to them what it will be and that they are going to an island but even after all that, they are still very enthusiastic, which is great to see,” she continued.

To follow Claire and Brock on their social media as they prepare to head to the island, you can follow Claire on Instagram HERE and you can follow Brock on Instagram HERE and HERE.

It is hoped that the famous island will be open to visitors again on April 1.


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