San Diego Whale Watching Team Shares Their Ultimate Encounter – NBC 7 San Diego


A team of whale watchers from San Diego set out on Tuesday to spot beautiful and majestic killer whales. After seeing two pods of another species of whale off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico, they decided to count their fleas and head back north.

It was on their trip home that the team at Gone Whale Watching San Diego got to play with the black and white beauties.

“Knowing the day was already a success, we headed back north,” the crew posted on Facebook along with a video of their encounter. “Suddenly, about 80 km from his home, Captain Dom started screaming. It was the kind of scream no one needed to hear the words to know what he was seeing: killer whales. We spent five magical hours with these killer whales from the eastern tropical Pacific.”

They were there. Roam, jump and swim. A crew member even stopped to take a selfie with one of the orcas.

Photos: San Diego Whale Watching Crew shares their ultimate encounter

The Facebook post included an explanation from the captain of the boat, Captain Dom, that their actions during the encounter were completely legal.

“The whales were the complete opposite of ‘harassed’, they were having fun!” he said.

The crew also saw the pod prepare a meal from a dolphin and speculated that the kill might have been some sort of training exercise for the youngsters in the pod.

“Speaking of harassment though, the killer whales certainly harassed this poor common dolphin they played with for nearly 90 minutes before finally finishing the kill and sharing a meal! It may very well have been a moment of teaching for the young people of this group! They will have to finish hunts themselves one day!” said Captain Dom.

Captain Dom described the encounter as one of the best trips in his company’s history, and he hopes the whales will one day make the trip to San Diego as they have in the past.


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