This Maine island, with a cozy cabin, is on the market for $339,000


Want to escape and fly to your private island?

Duck Ledges Island in Maine is on sale for $339,000.

Located in Wohoa Bay, between the towns of Addison and Jonesport, the 1.5 acre property features a cozy cabin with lots of windows, offering stunning views of the water. There is no septic tank or sewer or running water, but there is an outhouse and an outdoor shower. The owners use the cabin seasonally, from May to September, and they get electricity from a suitcase generator.

Billy Milliken, owner of Duck Ledges with his partner, Julie Farris, said they want all potential buyers to spend a night there before buying this unique property.

Duck Ledges Island in Maine is on the market for $339,000.Dean Tyler Photography

“We both share the same sentiment towards the island – it is near and dear to us,” Milliken said in a phone interview. “It really is a special place.”

The 540 square foot cabin was built in 2009. It features hardwood floors and a loft bedroom at the top of a ladder.

“There is no better place in the world to spend the weekend!” indicates the listing on the Bold Coast Properties Group website. “The ledges surrounding the island are loaded with seals for constant entertainment. With no trees, it offers nature views you won’t find anywhere else. The cottage is well built and a short walk meters from sandy beaches on both sides.Good anchorage and good landing spots at any tide.”

The 540 square foot cabin on Duck Ledges features hardwood floors and lots of windows.Dean Tyler Photography

Milliken said he wanted the new owner to enjoy “the island.”

“It’s important to me and my partner, Julie,” he said. “It’s not just for them, it’s for me. We need to feel good there. It’s just as important as the money. In fact, it’s more important than money.

Milliken said the cabin is built like a “fortress.”

“He weathered all the storms,” ​​he said.

When you’re there, all you can see are “spruce-covered islands and open ocean,” he said.

When you’re surrounded by nature like that, “you feel small,” he says. “There are so many things out there that cannot be articulated. You can really find yourself.

Milliken said he hopes to find a buyer who is “good-hearted” and “who loves nature and who will appreciate and respect the environment” and that the new owner will bring others to experience it.

“When you have something as magical as this, you have to share it,” he said.

The hut has a bedroom located in an attic accessible by a ladder.Dean Tyler Photography

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