Upcoming 100th anniversary at St. Christopher on Peaks Island inspires campaign to improve historic church


PEAKS ISLAND – Next year, parishioners and community members on Peaks Island and beyond will celebrate the 100and anniversary of St. Christopher’s Church, which became Casco Bay’s first parish when it was established in 1923. The church was built on the Littlejohn property on Central Avenue and was blessed in 1924, named after St. Christophe who, rightly, is the patroness of travellers.

“One of the many ways we will celebrate the 100and anniversary is thanks to the completion of much-needed updates and repairs to our beloved church so that we can sustain it for the next 100 years,” said Mary Anderson, a longtime St. Christopher parishioner.

Planned projects include replacing the church’s porch and railing, installing new carpet, painting and updating the foundation. The first project is now underway: replacing the cement sidewalk in front of the church with engraved cobblestones.

“We invite everyone to purchase a sidewalk paver to celebrate or in memory of a loved one,” said Mary. “People everywhere have connections to Peaks. We hope to remember many wonderful members of our community with this project.

To purchase a paver or learn more about the project, including other ways you can support improvements at St. Christopher, visit www.portlanddiocese.org/sites/default/files/files/StChristopherPavers.pdf.


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