Video: Fisherman spotted in snow at Maine Wildlife Refuge



A fisherman has been spotted at a wildlife refuge in Maine, video shows.

Screenshot from US Fish and Wildlife Service

A creature roams the Maine wilderness, sliding through the snow and feasting on porcupines.

The endangered species is rarely seen. But in Maine, the weasel-like animal has been spotted on video.

A fisherman was recently spotted wandering the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced on March 9.

“Fishermen are generally secretive and elusive, which makes these trail camera footage from the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge in Maine quite spectacular,” officials said on Instagram.

The animal can be found in forests, usually with logs, brush piles and trees around for digging, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

“For many years, the fisherman was considered an animal whose range was restricted to the more spruce-forested regions of Maine,” state wildlife officials said. “However, recent population expansions have shown the fisherman to be much more adaptable than previously thought.”

However, their habitat does not mean that anglers are always seen. The animal has roamed the state for years, but some people have never crossed paths with a fisherman.

“I lived in Maine for 30 years but never saw one,” one person commented on Instagram. “We hear/see evidence of this and know to keep cats at night.”

According to the National Park Service, Anglers are about the size of a cat with a long busy tail, short legs and feet that can turn almost backwards.

It leaves behind an odor that humans would not notice. The critter has tiny scent glands at the bottom of its pads which are used for mating.

According to the department, Maine wildlife officials tracked angler population trends using motion-activated cameras and snow tracking.

Maddie Capron is a real-time McClatchy reporter specializing in the outdoors and wildlife in the western United States. She graduated from Ohio University and previously worked at CNN, the Idaho Statesman and the Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism.


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