4th Annual New York Long Island Film Festival Draws Crowds to Lindenhurst


Gerry Ferretti and Katie Schader’s New York Long Island Film Festival (NYLIFF) packed the Lindenhurst Moose Lodge to capacity on Saturday, October 22 for its closing night.

The festival presented 87 films in total over the three days and closed with the highly anticipated premiere of the first installment of Ferretti’s drama series, The Fountains. The queue to get in was outside the door and the lodge had standing room only.

“NYLIFF is unlike any other film festival I’ve been to. And I attend a lot,” said Maria Filippone, co-winner of the Best Actress award for her film. Every good bit. “It’s like a family here. Gerry, Katie, Paul Laudicano and Donna Morales make the filmmakers feel special.

Katie Schrader, NYLIFF Program Director, and Gerry Ferretti, NYLIFF Executive DirectorPhoto by Ed Shin

From its first year in 2019 to 2022, NYLIFF tripled in size in films submitted and attendees. Filmmakers and their families, cast and crew traveled from all over Long Island, out of state, and even an Indian filmmaker to attend the event.

Ferretti and Schrader created NYLIFF with the central vision of bringing people together, helping filmmakers and their teams further their careers through networking and collaboration, and exchanging ideas with other like-minded people. .

“It’s not really about awards and laurels,” Ferretti said. “It’s about meeting the right people, helping develop and improve your next project, connecting with others, and taking your career to the next level.”

Image 3 Ted Plezia Deborah Cascio Plezia Artistic Director of the Théâtre de la Rive-Sud Katie Schrader Gerry Ferretti
Ted Plezia, Deborah Cascio Plezia – South Shore Theater Artistic Director, Katie Schrader, Gerry FerrettiPhoto by Ed Shin

Many returning filmmakers were in attendance as well as countless new ones, many emerging from a 2-year Covid layoff from the company with a new and positive outlook.

“After directing my new film, I knew I wanted to return to NYLIFF,” said John Piazza, creator of the award-winning film. STOP.

All of the filmmakers discussed their craft during breaks between film blocks, and the mood in the room was one of true celebration.

“We’re still sad to see it end,” said Nick Rapuano of Connecticut, who won multiple awards for his film. Sandstoneincluding Best Feature Film.

Jim Morrison, director of Rent a neighbor, added: “Gerry and Katie and the team really care about all aspects of the festival. We will definitely be back.”

Image 4 Leo Acosta Toni Quartuccio Vinnie Mercogliano owner of Grillin Villian
Leo Acosta, Toni Quartuccio and Vinnie Mercogliano owners of Grillin VillianPhoto by Ed Shin

With official photographer Ed Shin and red carpet interviewer Lilo Grunwald, the festival vibe continued until after the awards show. More than 200 people attended the closing night of the films and the awards ceremony. Filmmakers of all ages praised the day’s events, including the Casual Crew, a team of student filmmakers who participated from the start.

All over the room, people were talking, laughing and supporting each other. “That’s what it’s all about,” Ferretti said.

Submissions for NYLIFF 2023 are open. To submit your film, go to www.filmfreeway.com/nyliff.

Image 5 Katie Schrader Michael Lavorata Mayor Mayor of Lindenhurst Gerry Ferretti
Katie Schrader, Michael Lavorata, Mayor of Lindenhurst & Gerry FerrettiPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 18 NYLI Film Festival 2022
2022 NYLI Film FestivalPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 17 NYLI Film Festival 2022
2022 NYLI Film FestivalPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 16 Rob Legacy Matthew Silva
Rob Legacy and Matthew SilvaPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 15 The occasional crew
The occasional crewPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 14 Karen Goeller Paul Laudicano
Karen Goeller and Paul LaudicanoPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 13 Katie Schrader Gerry Ferretti Valentina Janek Paul Laudicano Donna Morales
Katie Schrader, Gerry Ferretti, Valentina Janek, Paul Laudicano and Donna MoralesPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 12 Stephanie Larkin Margreit Jupp McInnis
Stephanie Larkin and Margreit Jupp McInnisPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 11 Michelle Asta
michelle astaPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 10 Christine Ruggieri Stephanie Larkin Owner of Red Penguin Books Katie Schrader
Christine Ruggieri, Stephanie Larkin Owner Red Penguin Books & Katie SchraderPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 9 Randee Sloane
Randee SloanePhoto by Ed Shin
Image 8 Andrea Cohen Cody Cohen filmmaker for Gold Coast Donna Morales
Andrea Cohen, Cody Cohen filmmaker for Gold Coast and Donna MoralesPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 7 Wendell Laurent Laura Daniel Koch Kate Greer
Wendell Laurent, Laura Daniel Koch and Kate GreerPhoto by Ed Shin
Picture 6 Lainie Siegel Ventura
Lainie Siegel-VenturaPhoto by Ed Shin

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