5 Best Boat Trips in Tenerife, Canary Islands


Tenerife is one of the best places for whale watching in Europe due to the fact that the whale watching season extends throughout the year, so it doesn’t matter when you come on vacation to the Canary Islands , you will always have a good chance of seeing one of these magnificent creatures.

What types of whales can you see around Tenerife?

Currently, according to the Biodiversity Database of the Canary Islands (BIOTA), there are a total of 32 species of marine mammals in the Canary Islands. Among the most common species that make up this rich biodiversity are dolphins, pilot whales, beaked whales, whales, fin whales and killer whales.

This may not seem like a lot at first, but it’s considered a high number when compared to other destinations. The great biodiversity makes the Canary Islands one of the 6 best European destinations for dolphin and whale watching. So when you come on vacation, don’t miss the opportunity to take one of the best boat trips in Tenerife to see them with your own eyes.

The most common species of dolphins and whales that you can see around Tenerife are:

  • bottlenose dolphins
  • Ordinary pilot whales
  • common dolphins
  • sperm whales
  • Rorcuales

It is also possible to see striped dolphins, Borneo dolphins, killer whales
Blue whales, although the chances are slimmer compared to the more common species.

The Canary Islands archipelago is the no. 1 place in Europe with the greatest biodiversity in this group of species.

When is the best time to watch whales in Tenerife?

Although you can certainly spot dolphins and whales around Tenerife throughout the year, the best seasons for whale watching in Tenerife are winter and spring, as this is the time of year when you can also see migrating species like fin whales and humpback whales. whales.

The summer months are the best months to see young specimens and if you want to take a boat trip, know that they leave from the south of the island, usually from Los Cristianos, Puerto Colon or Los Gigantes.

And the dolphins in Tenerife?

You have a high chance of seeing dolphins in Tenerife, as in almost 90% of boat trips you can see these intelligent and adorable sea creatures, which are quite common in the waters around the Canary Islands.

The best boat trips in Tenerife

In order to ensure that the animals are not disturbed, the Canary Islands have legislation in place regarding boat trips, so operators need a special license for these trips. Whale watching tours are one of the most popular things to do in Tenerife, so with high demand comes great responsibility, to ensure the animals are not in danger with so many boats going out every day.

These boat trips in Tenerife have the best customer reviews and you can choose one depending on where on the island you are staying during your vacation.

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Tenerife: Whale and Dolphin Watching with Drinks and Snacks

This boat trip is one of the most popular excursions in Tenerife!

Let the wind whip your hair back and forth as you gaze out over the clear, azure waters of southern Tenerife in the Canary Islands on a 3-hour cruise. With up to 11 other cruise companions, you’ll have plenty of space aboard a luxury yacht to see nature’s beauty along the coastline and in the water.

  • Includes hotel pick-up within 10 km of Puerto Colón (Los Cristianos-Callao Salvaje)
  • Champagne, snacks and unlimited drinks included; Ham, cheese & salad baguettes
  • Sonar equipment to listen for dolphins and whales

Tenerife: Catamaran Whale Watching Tour

Sail off the coast of southwestern Tenerife on a 2-hour boat trip in search of whales and dolphins. The boat departs from Puerto Colon, traveling 2 or 3 miles to the coast, where pilot whales are often found.

Cruising by catamaran, you’ll also pass fish farms, where clever dolphins are often looking for an easy meal.

  • Complimentary drinks on board including water, soft drinks and beer
  • Snorkeling package (if you choose the 3 hour option)
  • Stop in the bay of Playa Espagueti to swim and snorkel

Tenerife: Whale and Dolphin Tour with Underwater Views

Cruise along the coast passing through Adeje, Guia de Isora and Santiago del Teide, where pods of spirited dolphins and pods of pilot whales are commonplace. If you are lucky enough to spot them, spend a few minutes under the bridge and observe them from a vantage point below the surface of the water.

Then, enjoy a cold beer or glass of sangria with lunch on deck (if you book the 3-hour option). The boat will return to Puerto Colon and if you have booked a transfer, your bus will take you back to your pick up point.

  • Pick-up and drop-off from South Tenerife (if option selected)
  • Lunch with beer, sangria and soft drinks (3 hour option)
  • Swimming stop (optional 3 hours)

Los Gigantes Whale Watching Cruise by Sailboat with Pickup

Cruise the high seas in search of dolphins and pilot whales in an intimate group of up to 9 people. Be served complimentary drinks, as well as fresh fruit on board the boat.

Drop anchor to go for a swim in the sea or snorkel with the marine life in a small cove of exceptional beauty. Return to the boat to enjoy freshly made sandwiches. Then, slowly return to the harbor enjoying the breathtaking views of the cliffs along the way.

  • Pick-up service from locations between Los Gigantes and La Caleta
  • Fresh fruit, homemade sandwiches (vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options) and drinks including cava, white and red wine, beer and soft drinks
  • 3-hour whale-watching cruise and time to swim and snorkel

Snorkeling and kayaking with the turtles

Climb aboard for a 2.5-hour kayaking adventure in Tenerife and get up close to dolphins and turtles in their natural environment. Observe the amazing creatures from a vessel that does not scare them or disturb their natural habitat.

Experience the extraordinary sensation of being surrounded by groups of up to 30 dolphins who sometimes put on a show by jumping high in the air! Tenerife is home to up to 5 different species of dolphins, including bottlenose dolphins.

  • Includes Kayaks, paddles, masks and snorkels
  • Also includes accident insurance
  • Guide and photos included

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