A rare type of whale has reportedly been spotted in Victoria for the first time

A rare type from Antarctica whale is believed to have been spotted in Victoria For the very first time.

And the rare Type C killer whales certainly made a first sighting of them, swimming in a pod seen with up to six times the typical number of whales seen together in the area.

Staff and passengers aboard Wildlife Coast Cruises spotted at least 12 Antarctic Eco-type killer whales swimming off Phillip Island on Thursday afternoon.

The crew was able to observe the rare killer whales. (Wildlife Coast Cruises)

The cruise line called the sighting the first reported sighting of the rare type of whales in Victoria.

The fish-eating killer whales migrate north from Antarctica and have only been sighted seven times in Australian coastal waters.

Ben Dickie of Wildlife Coast Cruises said the rare encounter was “a very exciting experience” for everyone involved.

At least 12 orcas have been spotted. (Wildlife Coast Cruises)
The first documented sighting of type C killer whales in Victoria was in Bass Strait on July 14. (Wildlife Coast Cruises)
The pod was much larger than typical pods. (Wildlife Coast Cruises)

This is only the second group of orcas his team has sighted this season, with crews normally seeing humpback whales.

Dickie said they had hardly ever seen so many whales at once, with groups of whales passing through the area usually containing only two to four whales.

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