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Pictured left, MP Michael Cusick with his wife Yasmin and their daughter Violet. Pictured right, Sabina Higgins, Cusick and Michael Higgins, President of Ireland. (Courtesy/Office of Michael Cusick)Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Celebrating your cultural heritage is a great way to instill family values ​​and traditions and ensure that this country’s rich history is preserved from generation to generation.

Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-Mid Island), president of the American Irish Legislators Society of New York State, reflected on those thoughts when he led a delegation of senators and Assembly members from New York to Belfast to take part in the Belfast International Homecoming last week.

At the Homecoming event, Cusick received the Believer in Belfast Award for his years of dedication and commitment to developing relationships and establishing communications between the two nations.

The New York State American Irish Legislator’s Society under Cusick’s leadership worked to build and strengthen the bond between the business, political, and cultural leaders of New York, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, former mayor of Belfast and longtime friend of the society, who presented the award, is the publisher of the Belfast Media Group and the Irish Echo.

Michael Cusick

Mairtin O’Muilleoir, left, Violet Cusick and MP Michael Cusick. (Courtesy/Office of Michael Cusick)Staten Island Advance

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir said: “The Believer in Belfast award has been given to Assemblyman Mike Cusick in recognition of his tireless commitment over two decades to the rebirth of Belfast from a city once synonymous with conflict to an example of recovery. of peace and progress. Belfast’s position as Europe’s fastest growing knowledge economy is built on the 1998 Peace Accords that Irish America helped broker. Mike Cusick represents the post-98 generation of Irish-American leaders who helped Belfast move from peace to progress. He is our number one supporter, advocate and ally in Albany and New York and we were delighted to recognize his unwavering support for the people of Belfast.

“Witnessing the homecoming is a chance for us to build a relationship between New York and Belfast and see firsthand the progress Northern Ireland has made over the past decades,” Cusick said.

While in Belfast, Cusick also received a Belfast Ambassador Medal along with Staten Island Senator Diane Savino and other members of the delegation.

Michael Cusick

Left to right Sabina Higgins, Violet Cusick, Irish President Michael Higgins and MP Michael Cusick. (Courtesy/Office of Michael Cusick)Staten Island Advance

While in Dublin, the delegation met President Michael Higgins at Áras an Uachtaráin, which is the presidential residence.

After meeting, the Higgins and his wife Sabina offered the band a tour.

Cusick served as president of the American Irish Legislators Society of New York State for the past 14 years and expanded the organization’s efforts to build trade and political bridges with New York and Ireland.

Cusick brought a delegation of society members to meet Higgins in 2019, and in keeping with tradition, the president’s Bernese dogs made an appearance, much to the delight of Cusick’s young daughter Violet, who traveled with her father and his mother, Yazmin during the trip. .

Michael Cusick

Assemblyman Michael Cusick, speaking at right, with Assemblyman Brian Kavanaugh, a former Staten Islander, at his right. Opposite, Michael Higgins, President of Ireland, and his wife, Sabina Higgins. (Courtesy/Office of Michael Cusick)Staten Island Advance

Cusick has served as the New York State Assembly’s 63rd Assembly District since 2002.

Throughout his tenure as an Assemblyman in Albany, he sponsored and passed legislation to address the opioid epidemic in New York State, ban protests at military funerals, and grant waivers. veterans tax.

Here on Staten Island, he worked to close the Fresh Kills landfill, he helped preserve the Verrazzano Bridge Staten Island residents’ discount program, and he fought to save Pouch Camp.

He has been relentless in his efforts to advocate for people with physical and developmental disabilities, veterans, and law enforcement. He is currently Chairman of the Assembly’s Energy Committee.

His tenure in the Assembly has earned him the nickname “Dean of the Delegation” as Staten Island’s longest-serving state-level representative, and he is also currently chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.

Cusick announced in February that he would not run again.


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