Following violence, Green Island school reveals ‘comeback’ plan


GREEN ISLAND — High school students at Heatly School will see increased safety measures and rigorous week-long scheduling following a recent surge in violence and bullying that led the district to briefly switch to the virtual learning at the beginning of the month.

When students return to class on Monday, they will be greeted by a second school resource officer, QR codes to report bullying anonymously from their cellphones, and stricter guidelines governing the use of passes and phones. .

The district will also post written expectations for students throughout the building, require daily classroom visits by an administrator and/or school resource officer, and place teachers in hallways during class changes, according to the drafted plan. by the district.

The Green Island School District is made up of a single building, Heatly, which houses approximately 280 K-12 students.

In addition, high school students will follow a rigorous program of structured activities and must participate in a 25-30 hour experiential workshop designed to strengthen teamwork, communications, conflict resolution, self-esteem and the diversity.

District officials said the measures are the first steps towards a safer learning environment.

“Change is a process that takes time and we cannot do it alone,” Superintendent Kimberly Ross said in a statement. “The District believes we can come back stronger than before because of our determination and strong faith in our community.”

The measures are in addition to de-escalation training for staff, new guidance counselors and a social worker.

Recently, the high school had 10 in-school suspensions and over 57 out-of-school suspensions.

Ross has previously declined to discuss the extent and severity of the violent incidents, but said many students were in “crisis”.

Ahead of February vacation, a student was arrested after attacking another student as he walked down the hall, among other altercations.

A forum on February 15 saw tensions skyrocket between parents and administrators. A number of the approximately 50 parents and guardians grew frustrated with the process, continually interrupting and yelling at school workers as they spoke.


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