Intriguing Whale Watching Cruise from Sydney and Shark Island


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Sydney Whale Watching Cruise

Climb aboard a Sydney Whale Watching Cruise and enjoy the pristine atmosphere of the prettiest port in the world. The capital of New South Wales stands out from the rest when it comes to whale watching. Not at all like other whale watching places in Australia, Sydney has two whale watching seasons, one season starts in May and ends in August, during this time you will have the opportunity to see pods of whales humpbacks move to warmer waters to mate and conceive offspring and then in the summer they return south to tend to Antarctic waters.

Turn your visit into a whale watching expedition by booking a breathtaking tour sydney whale watching cruise. During whale watching season, which is September to November, pods of whales, including mothers and calves, can be seen returning to their nursing grounds. Now they can be spotted even more effectively when sailing in large groups. Humpback whales recognized by their knobby heads and long pectoral fins are the most frequently spotted. The skillful, acrobatic, and gregarious nature of these whales can result in the vessel being sprayed and doused with water. They are closely followed by the southern white whale, characterized by a massive body and short, wide pectoral fins. Australia’s pristine waters provide the perfect halfway house for these mighty mammals.

Whale watching cruises in Sydney depart from its pier on Sydney Harbour, Circular Quay or Darling Harbor in the early part of the day or afternoon and offer you the opportunity to catch wandering sights along the way. Ships continue to make their way through the ocean to see the majestic migrating marine mammals in action. Watch whales show off their aquatic skills in their own natural habitat. An informative commentary by an expert in the field (marine biologist) offers a top-down understanding of the distinct qualities, behavioral patterns, and migratory journeys of these gigantic creatures. Few ships also offer a one-of-a-kind gadget, the hydrophone, to hear the eerie and eerie sounds of whales.

You can choose a whale watching package that includes hot drinks and snacks or go a step further and opt for an all-inclusive package sydney whale watching cruise

offering a delicious lunch. A full day cruise would be an ideal option to familiarize yourself with the vast oceans and also to develop an eye for spotting whales.

Shard Island

Shark Island is ideal for watching whales and killer whales. This confined harbor island offers the best views of both sides of Sydney Harbour, namely the North and South Heads. Book ahead and enjoy Sydney’s flawless atmosphere and climate.

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