Random: Fan Creates Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island For “Ugly” Villagers

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life

The Animal Crossing series is known for its cute and cuddly vibes. You wake up, go fishing, talk to the villagers, and generally have a good time. But with so many characters, players all have their own favorites, and many animals are created to reflect real breeds of that particular animal, or even to represent historical or fun ideas, like Lucky — which is a dog mummified—or Hopkins, an inflatable bunny.

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can manipulate whoever they want on their island using amiibo cards, be a general pain to those they don’t like, or simply ignore those they meet during visits to the island. ‘Isle. Because of this, there are a bunch of rejected Animal Crossing villagers who are considered “ugly”, and are therefore left behind in a rejected bunch of unloved Animal Crossing characters. But a Reddit user is trying to change that and give these “ugly” villagers the home they deserve.

amydonelly13 has created a haven for all those “unique” villagers who all often show up in those “ugliest/worst animal crossing villagers” lists you see on the internet. Some of the usual suspects like Barold the Bear (who’s supposed to be a bear cub, but…is that facial hair?), the lipstick donning Jambette, and the ever grinning Tabby.

amydonelly13 completed his island by grabbing a few amiibos to fill in the remaining residents. The existence of the island and the villagers, however, sparked discussion among fans. Many have come out to defend a few of the residents who have been called ugly. Who knew Jambette had fans, many calling her “cute”! And Hazel’s unibrow also has admirers, and one user even said she might be interested in famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

However, others think there should be more than ten houses to accommodate more villagers who are not on the list, such as Rodney the hamster or Moose the mouse. But this island is a safe space for these villagers, who can live in peace and no longer be rejected by the many Animal Crossing players.

Everyone has their opinion of the ugliest or cutest villagers in Animal Crossing, or even species, so share with us if you agree with this “ugly” island, let us know who you would have on yours, or maybe express yourself and disagree with some of them. these choices!


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