The whale watching season begins in Colombia


Colombia is one of the most recommended countries for whale watching from July to October. Thousands of tourists travel to the Pacific region of the country to see these incredible animals.

The National Natural Parks of Colombia said that from July 15 to October 17, humpback whales arrive in the areas of the Uramba Bahía Málaga, Gorgona and Utría National Natural Parks.

According to National Natural Parks, “Humpback whales arrive on the Colombian coast after traveling 8,500 kilometers from Antarctica and southern Chile to develop their reproductive stage, which includes fertilization, gestation and the birth of calves. “.

Whale watching in the country’s marine ecosystems is becoming a major attraction for Colombians and foreigners alike, and has made the July-October season an opportunity for locals to boost ecotourism activities.

National Nature Parks have also stressed the importance of conducting responsible bird watching, which they do for visitors to protected areas.

The recommendations provided by the authorities for those who go whale watching are as follows:

  • Attend the 10-minute briefing on the importance of the protected area.
  • It is essential to maintain a distance of 200 meters when whale watching.
  • All boats must be accompanied by an environmental guide.
  • Boats are allowed to watch whales from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Do not bring single-use plastic into protected areas.

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