Whale Watching in Mexico: Tourists Share a Close Encounter with a Gray Whale


As a boat loaded with tourists gazes on in awe, the towering majesty of a massive whale pierces the surface of the water.

Alex Banky was filming when the 45-ton gray whale burst onto the surface of the water in Magdalena Bay, Mexico, moving slowly toward the small boat it was in.

“Oh, hello senor whale,” Banky can be heard exclaiming in surprise.

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Alex Banky was filming when the 45-tonne creature burst onto the surface, moving slowly towards the open boat it was in. (Instagram)

As the whale gets closer and closer, another tourist on the boat rushes forward, leaning over the side of the boat to reach out and touch the magnificent mammal.

Sensing his eagerness to do the same, another tourist offers to hold Banky’s camera. The baseball cap wearing Banky quickly advances towards the whale.

He reaches for the whale, patting it gently as the whale descends into the water.

Perhaps fearing that the whale is disappearing below the surface, Banky takes off his cap and plants a quick kiss on the majestic beast.

The whale rises sternly out of the water, bumping heavily against the boat. The impact sets back many tourists.

As the animal moves further to the side of the boat, Banky quickly returns to his camera, allowing his fellow tourist to spend some time with the whale.

The whale hung around long enough for tourists to have close encounters.
The whale hung around long enough for tourists to have close encounters. (Instagram)

“I’ll take it back, you come in now,” Banky can be heard saying.

After a few more tourists make human contact with the beast, it breaks further before spraying water into the boat.

“I was thrilled after the many close encounters we had. It was a magical, humbling and one-of-a-kind experience,” Banky told the MailOnline.

“I’ve seen whales before, but from afar. I’ve had closer calls with humpback whales off the coast of India, but nothing like that.”

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