Where to Go Whale Watching in Los Angeles and Orange County


Sure, you’ve relaxed on the best beaches in Los Angeles, but have you ever ventured out on the water? Whale watching in Los Angeles is one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the Pacific, not to mention the marine life that lies just below its surface. Rather than venturing to Catalina Island or faraway destinations like San Francisco, why not look into our own backyard? From Marina Del Rey and Long Beach to Newport Beach and Dana Point, there are plenty of ports in and around Los Angeles that serve as jumping off points for whale watching adventures.

We are lucky enough to sit in the path of migrations of blue, humpback and, above all, gray whales. These year-round cruises bring you up close to various species of whales, dolphins and sea lions, while tour guides share their knowledge of the marine mammals that call Pacific waters home. Choose between different types of excursions, such as luxury catamaran cruises, sunset excursions, and public or private underwater safaris. There’s even a high-speed sailboat tour with a submarine-style viewing pod so you can spot marine life underwater as you cruise around the harbor. If you’re looking for unique date ideas or ways to entertain the family, these outdoor activities are something to remember. Whether you’re taking a quick getaway from the ocean or taking a day trip from Los Angeles, here’s where you can go whale watching in Los Angeles, plus a few spots in Orange County.


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