Who are Katherine “Kat” Gibson and Nadjha Day from Love Island USA 2022? The arrival of new bombs makes the islanders nervous


After Andy and Bria come out, love island usa Season 4 welcomed three new bombshells – Jared Hassim, Katherine Gibson and Nadjha Day. Their arrival is set to change the relational dynamic in the villa.

The islanders felt nervous and a little threatened by the arrival of Katherine, aka Kat, and Nadjha. Prior to their entry, the islanders received texts that mentioned a few names that were to cook for the newcomers.

While Kat chose Isaiah to cook dinner and Chazz for dessert, Nadjha chose Jeff to cook her dinner and Isaiah for dessert. The boys enjoyed their dates with the ladies, leaving their respective partners jealous.

Will Kat and Nadjha make enemies or friends in the villa? Only time will tell.

love island usa: Hometown of Kat and Nadjha, occupation and more

1) Katherine Gibson (Kate)

Kat is a 21-year-old content creator from Manassas, Virginia. She told Isaiah that she makes Mukbang videos, which eat shows where content creators eat high-calorie foods.

Kat has a YouTube channel with over 532,000 subscribers, and she shares her Mukbang clips along with vlogs and other videos. His peacock biography of love island usa bed:

“She films herself eating food for a living as ‘mukbangs’. A mukbang is where you film yourself eating large amounts of delicious food to comfort people who are eating alone.

It also included some fun facts about Kat, which indicated that she had competed in ice skating for eight years. She also had 21 pets, including cats, dogs, birds, fish and hamsters.

Meanwhile, she is in the love island usa Villa 2022, where she was seen being drawn to Chazz in the most recent episode. Although a preview showed him choosing Kat during the re-coupling, fans believe he will choose Sereniti. This means that Kat could return home without having the chance to explore other bonds and friendships in the villa.

2) Nadjha Day

Nadjha is a 22-year-old college student who currently resides in Jefferson, Georgia, but her hometown is Barranquilla, Colombia. Fans can follow her on Instagram at nadjhaday. She doesn’t have much information online, but her Instagram posts say a few things about her.

According to the landmark stories, she is a foodie who likes to glam and party. A selfie lover and fitness enthusiast who has an adorable pet dog named Moose. Apart from these details, his biography on Peacock spells out some fun facts about him.

He read that his biggest pet peeves were poor hygiene, bad feet or clutter. She also doesn’t like body odor and that she had previously worked as a waitress at Mellow Mushroom serving “Hippie Pizza”.

Meanwhile, she entered the villa alongside Kat and Jared. During her date with Jeff and Isaiah in the last episode, she got along pretty well with Isaiah. The only problem is that he’s with Sydney, who was seen bursting into tears after Isaiah told her about his relationship with Nadjha.

Will fans see another love triangle in the making? Earlier, Zeta, Timmy, and Bria were playing a similar game, but in the end, the OG couple got back together and Bria had to pack her bags.

In the next episode of love island usa Season 4, a round of recoupling will take place and this time it’s the guys who will choose. If Jeff, who is currently single, has a chance to choose before Isaiah, chances are he will go with Nadjha.

Viewers can see a new episode of love island usa Season 4 on Peacock at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday through Sunday.

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